Transparent Things

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Description “Transparent Things revolves around the four visits of the hero–sullen, gawky Hugh Person–to Switzerland . . .As a young publisher, Hugh is sent to interview R., falls in love with Armande on the way, wrests her, aftermultiple humiliations, from a grinning Scandinavian and returns to NY with his bride. . . . Eight years later–following a murder, a period of madness and a brief imprisonment–Hugh makes a lone sentimental journey to wheedle out his past. . . . The several strands of dream, memory, and time [are] set off against the literary theorizing of R. and, more centrally, against the world of observable objects.”–Martin Amis”

Na zalihi

Nabokov, Vladimir
Random House USA Inc
Pages: 104
ISBN: 9780679725411